2 thoughts on “Cheryl’s Radio Interview with Lisa Jesswein, Empower Radio

  1. Cheryl, I find your words of wisdom on Facebook to be inspiring and profound. I have recently lost my way and was struggling with terrible medical (health) imbalances. I was feeling very lost in the dark, until I started reading your beautiful words! Thanks for everything. You are a blessing.
    -Hal Weinshank

  2. Dear cheryl,

    My name is Diane V Wells and i am so inspired by your inspiritional pictures on facebook that i like to send comments on them, and though my comments are my own i guess they must be somewhat inspiring because i get a lot of hits on my facebook page from people that think that i am you, this mornign alone i got 28 hits & counting, please tell your followers that i am not you, even if i can help touch someone i do not want to take anything away from youl STAY BLESSED.



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