Need Help? Seek Help!

As the holidays approach there seems to be an increase in folks struggling with depression.  Whether it is having lost a loved one and facing the holidays without them or not being able to afford to buy gifts like you use to… it can be a tough season. 

This is the first Christmas for our family since my Dad died.  My parents were married on Christmas day so I know that this is going to be a particularly difficult time for Mom.  Ok, for all of us.   Mom started seeing a counselor to get help with her grief and depression.  As positive as I tend to be I can only be supportive to my Mom.   She needed an expert.

When I first started Simple Steps… Real Change and brought it to Facebook a very well meaning friend of mine made a comment that I have never forgotten.  He is a psychologist and he said that there are those in his profession who believe that people coming to SSRC should be seeking professional help instead.  I acknowledged his position and chose not to argue with him.  

As our page grows I find many people reaching out for help & advice.  I am not a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor of any profession.  I am however someone who cares deeply for every human being.  We have built a community here of friends who support and inspire each other.  Any medical or psychology professional will tell you that having a support system makes the difference between success and failure.  We are here for you!

If you find yourself struggling with the wide range of emotions that come from being on this journey of life consider these Simple Steps when you don’t know which way to turn:

  • Seek professional help.  You do not have to deal with whatever comes your way alone.  Whether you need a doctor or a counselor find one who is a partner in your care.   If you don’t feel that you can “afford” professional assistance seek out community agencies which provide free services. 
  • Keep your communications lines open with friends and family.  If they know what you are going through then they will be more understanding.  If they aren’t then only you can decide how much that you choose to share with them.
  • Stay close to your beliefs.  Whether you belong to a church, fellowship group or social organization being among like-minded individuals provides you with a strong support system.

We are all on this journey called life together.  Whatever you are going through there are any number of other souls who are experiencing the same things as you.  Others have been through it and still others will go through it.  Reach out for help and help others when you can.  Either way you’ll feel so much better! 

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