An Open Book…

I am generally a really happy person.  Most of you probably can tell that from my posts and blogs.  Today I received an e-mail from someone telling me that I had to be hiding secrets and that my happiness was a front for my misery. This person suggested that it was his responsibility to tell you the truth about Cheryl Maloney.  

For those of you who have read the “Simple Steps… Real Change” book (it’s a free download here) my life is pretty much an open book.  It is through sharing what I’ve been through that I believe others can know that they are not alone. 

For those of you that are new to our page or website and don’t know me…  here are some of the high (or low) points.  I’m 55, unemployed…and have been for the most part since March 2009.  I had a 24 year career with one company and when they were acquired my position was eliminated.  Jack & I relocated to Texas for his job leaving our home of 20 years and our friends.  We knew no one here.   Shortly thereafter Jack was diagnosed with chronic leukemia & skin cancer.  My parents moved into a home on our property a couple years ago.  Dad died unexpectedly in May of this year and I’ve become the primary caregiver for my blind 82 year old mother.  During the housing boom we invested in rental properties in Ohio that we lost when the housing market tanked.  We’ve gone from living the dream to starting all over again….and I’ve experienced every emotion you can imagine with these major challenges in our lives. 

What I came to realize through all of these experiences is that I could choose to be miserable or I could choose to be happy.  At times I chose to be miserable.  At times I wanted to hide under the covers and hope all the bad things would go away.  That’s ok.  I needed to give myself time to adjust to change .  I’ve been depressed, I’ve eaten my way through my pain and I’ve hidden in my own little world. 

In the end I chose to be happy.  I learned more about myself than I have lost in these trials  and tribultations.   I choose to share my story with others because I knew that I couldn’t be alone in my experiences.  Writing is my therapy and our Facebook Page is my joy.  Simple Steps… Real Change has grown because we are a safe harbor for everyone to share their stories, ask for support, provide inspiration and connect to like minded, positive focused friends. 

We are not alone and together we can help others who are experiencing a part of their journey that we have already completed.  While today we may be struggling tomorrow we will be inspiring. And that feels good!

My name is Cheryl Maloney and I wrote this message.  Hugs to all!  

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