Take Time For You!

I have a friend who wants to have a few hours a week to herself.  She wants that time to be free from running errands & carpools, cleaning the house or doing anything that someone else wants her to do. Her family is totally supportive of her desire.  When, however, the time comes for her to go off by herself, even within her own home, something comes up and she does what a “good” mom & wife does and takes care of her family first.

Does this sound familiar?  Are you frustrated about being pulled from all ends yet experience guilt when you don’t do it all?  

It’s time to stop the madness that has become your life!  Consider that the more stretched to the limit and stressed out you are the less effective you can be.  Taking time for yourself does more for your family than doing it all.  Why?  Because when you are rested & relaxed you are happier.  That happiness shows and whatever tasks that you a have to are completed more willingly and without creating a stressful experience.  

When you’re ready to move beyond the daily guilt try these Simple Steps

  • Communicate to your family what you need and why.  Ask for their understanding & support. 
  • Schedule your personal time and let your family know.  
  • Make a plan with your family.  If your time is Wednesday afternoons come up with an agreement on who will cook dinner, clean up and take care of nightly chores.  Post the plan where your family can see it.  If they choose to do something different that’s up to them.  You’ve done all that you need to. 
  • Go!  Close your door, go out with friends, take a walk…or whatever activities you choose to re-energize yourself.  

When you make a habit and set the expectation of self care you can manage whatever comes your way…and that feels good!  

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