Make Your Own Decisions

Every day we make hundreds of choices.  We decide to sleep in, have eggs or cereal for breakfast and what we will wear.  We drive to work and take our time or push the speed limit.  Maybe at work we’ll push harder or slow down and be more methodical in our tasks.  Some of these choices are conscious decisions… others we do without thinking.  We are amazing beings with the capacity to lead our lives automatically.

Just like any other animal on this planet we have instincts.   In our case however it is the rare person who follows their instincts. One of the characteristics that set us apart from our animal friends is that we have the capacity to question our actions.   It is in second-guessing our instincts that we have lost the ability to trust ourselves.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I knew that I should (or shouldn’t) have?”  If we’d only followed our instincts we’d be in a better place.

Hindsight is however 20/20 and what is important is what have we learned from this experience.  In most cases we repeat the same mistakes and ignore our gut feelings. 

Learning to trust yourself is a key step in achieving your dreams.  You cannot delegate your happiness, your life, and your future to anyone else’s decision-making skills.  No matter how close you may be, they are not responsible for your life, only you are.

If you need to build confidence in yourself and trusting your instincts try this Simple Step and start believing in you!

  • Choose something that you need to make a decision about.  Start small.  This is about building up your self-assurance.
  • Get absolutely clear about the decision that you need to make.  For example, “I need to decide whether to drive to Portland or fly.”  Notice that this is a very specific question.  It’s not about should you go at all but rather how you are going to travel.   If there is not clarity around the decision that you need to make then you are not ready to make a decision.
  • Once you know the exact question state it out loud or in your head.  Repeat.
  • Now sit quietly and notice what the first thing that comes to mind is.  Write it down.  Using our example if “Drive” pops into your head then make the decision to drive and start making your plans. 

As you gain confidence in trusting your instincts you begin seeing how you are the best person to trust your life to and that feels great!

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