Take it in stride

Have you ever had a day where every little thing bothers you?  Your husband takes the longer route to the store, your children didn’t pick up their clothes, the off hand comment in an e-mail becomes a source of anger?

What do you do when your stress level  is so high that ever little issues gets blown out of proportion, by you?

If you reach that point try these Simple Steps to bring yourself to a better place:

  • Laugh!  If you can laugh at yourself all the better.  If not watch an old comedy or “I Love Lucy” reruns.  Laughing releases endorphins and makes you feel better. 
  • Take a walk.  Whether alone or with a best friend… get out of the environment that is stressing you.  If you are alone set out with the intention to release your stress with every step that you take.  If you are with someone let them know what you are trying to accomplish  and ask for their help… Then take it! 
  • If you are in a safe environment with people who love you tell them that you are in this place.  Ask them to help you out by dealing with the little things that bother you.  When they do thank you for their patience with you.

Regardless of what you decide to do remember that your stress is self created.  You are choosing to be out of sorts and it is up to you to make a different choice.

Choose to be happy!  It feels so much better! 

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