Free to be…

I grew up in a traditional home back at a time where my father ruled the roost and we did what we were told.  My sister left home right after high school and chose a path that my parents were none too happy about.  (They got over it.)  In that space however I did whatever I could to keep peace at home. 

I followed the family tradition… and expectations.  My career path was similar…  I did what I was asked to do.   For the most part though I showed up but never in all those years was my heart in my work.  When my position was eliminated due to an acquisition my life was reborn.  (Ok there was a gestation period in this transition…)

“If you want to really fly in your life, if you want to soar higher than you ever thought humanly possible, then feel free to be yourself.  Feel free to follow your nature.” – Kevin Hall

Helping others has always been a top priority for me.   Whether it was coaching employees or being there for a friend… people always come first.  It’s what fulfills my life.  It is what brings joy to my heart & soul.  And it is in this place that I found me. 

If you are ready to fly you have a single Simple Step to take:

  • Find what brings you joy and pursue it relentlessly.

I realize this sounds simple…but it is far from easy.  The question becomes how much do you want to live the life of your dreams?  When you make the decision to pursue your passion watch as all of the pieces of your life begin to come together.  

Remember always though that you are on a journey and those pieces come in time and continually. 

Enjoy the journey, the flight…soar!  

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