Intersecting Paths

As you travel your life’s journey there are people who’s path intersects with yours.  While you may not realize it at the time each person carries with them a message for you… and you for them.  The messages are miracles waiting to be seen.

Whether you recognize the message or not depends on your state of mind.  If you remain open to the miracles of life and to receiving energy from all sources then you appreciate the synchronicity.  If you don’t, you won’t. 

Our lives today are crazy busy.  Between growing up, starting life with a partner, perhaps having children & work in the mix it’s easy to understand how we can miss the messages.  What if the message that we overlook is the one that would catapult us at warp speed to the life of our dreams?

If you are not in the place where you want your life to be it’s time to take a Simple Step.  The Simple Step this time is an easy one. 

  • Slow down

When you believe that every person potentially carries a life-changing message you’ll begin witnessing the miracles of life daily.  And that feels fabulous! 

3 thoughts on “Intersecting Paths

  1. Cheryl, I totally agree with that, people for so long have been using relationships to get something out of that person, in other words they think relationships are transactional. True relationships are supposed to be transformational. Have a Blessed day and thank you for making a difference in my life as well as countless others! Be well

  2. cheryl your post goes soooo well with what happened to me this morning, normally i watch joyce meyers sitting on the couch with a notepad and pen today (althought i put it on) i was up running around the house trying to do three things at once, i had my bk to the tv and yet i was still listening and i heard this cpl talking about grief and forgiveness and i just listened, and that story of their lives has really touched something inside me that is hard to explain,but i feel changed in some way and i am really thankfull that even though i was being busy around the house i was stilllll listening!!!

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