Forgive to Live….

I have a dear old friend who’s husband betrayed her a decade ago.  She stayed with him because of the kids. Her last child left home this year and the nest is empty. 

Now that she has all this free time on her hands she is spending her time reliving the pain of the past.  With no one left at home to impact by the arguments she continues to cut open the old wound almost daily. 

She has lived with her anger all these years.  She feels justified in her anger and unfortunately can’t see that holding this over her husband’s head is doing nothing but making her miserable. 

Do you have something in your past that continues to eat at you?  Are you tired of being miserable but forgiving just isn’t any easy thing for you to do? 

The act of forgiving another releases you from your pain.  The person you are forgiving may not know or even think that they need to be forgiven.  And it doesn’t matter what they think.  It’s about letting go of your pain. 

Try these Simple Steps when you are ready to move forward with your life:

  • Decide that being happy means more to you than being right and miserable. Say out loud that you are are forgiving this person for hurting you.   This is the simple part.
  • Each and every time a negative thought comes to you about the past stop it in it’s tracks. Say, “NO!  I am not going there.”  or  “NO!  I am not going to let negativity back into my life.” 
  • Replace the negative thought with the new positive one. “I’ve learned so much from my experience and I know what is important to me now.”  Or perhaps, “I am focusing on my own happiness.” Whatever positive statement that you choose leave out any specific information about the past incident. You are letting it go.

When you make the decision to forgive and take a Simple Step forward you are choosing to be happy and that feels great! 


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