Fence Sitting 101

Decisions we make change our lives if only imperceptibly at the time.  I had a business coach tell me that I thought too much before making a decision and I should “go with my gut.”  That is an easy thing to do in a business situation.  It however is not as easy for me personally.

Decisions that I’ve made in the past using my “gut” feelings resulted in financial disaster.  I’ll live with those mistakes for many years to come.  Since I’m a positive focus kinda gal though I choose to focus on the lessons that I’ve learned. And the lesson that I’ve learned is that making an instinctual decision doesn’t mean making an instant decision, for me.

Do you find yourself sitting on the fence not sure which path to take in life?  I’m there now.  I love what I’m doing with Simple Steps… Real Change however financially I need generate income.  Add to that the dimension that we want to move to Portland as soon as possible.  That involves selling our home in a slow market and saving enough money to move and set up new living arrangements.

This is one of these times where while the process may be simple…the decision is not. I remind myself that no decision is final and I can always change my mind.  Waffling on a decision however creates a situation where my commitment isn’t as strong as it needs to be.  Without that commitment, knowing me, I’ll be making another decision tomorrow, next week or next month.

When faced with this type of dilemma I’ve come to realize that going with my gut means a bit more than a knee jerk reaction. If you are in a similar place here are the Simple Steps that I’m taking this weekend to move me off of the fence: 

  • List out all of the possible options.  This is a process where I write down everything that I can think of without judging or ruling out any one.
  • Refine the options and add a bit of clarity regarding the impacts they could have.
  • Walk away.  Yes…I’m going to go do something else that is fun and gives me the opportunity to clear my brain.
  • When I return I’ll look at the list and cross out anything that turns me off.  Then I’ll re-write the revised list.  I’ll repeat this process until I arrive at a decision.

By taking my time… a variation of “acting on my gut”…  I’ll be in a better place to make a commitment to my future.  And to me…  that feels better. 



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