“I AM!”


One of my favorite techniques that I’ve written about before is Acting “As If.”  Act as if your life is exactly as you dream it to be.  While your conscious mind knows the difference it is actually your subconscious mind that you are training by acting “As If.” 


“The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in mind.” – Henry David Thoreau

On Monday I talked about Kody Bateman’s book, “Promptings.”  Kody advocates using “I AM” statements to train his subconscious.  He offers a process to do this which includes:

  1. Determining what old limiting beliefs are and recognize what feeds them;
  2. Creating a new “I Am” statement with positive, precise & powerful language that the subconscious mind will feel;
  3. Stating the “why” behind the “I am;”
  4. Visualizing the “I Am.” 

Here’s an example. 

  1. Old belief – “I can never be successful because no one has ever succeeded as an entrepreneur in my family. No one that I know has been successful and they are all smarter than I am.”
  2. New Statement – “I am an incredibly successful writer, speaker & teacher.  My company grows exponentially every year and I am sought after for advice by companies to help motivate & inspire their employees.
  3. The Why – “My business provides support and inspiration for people that have felt alone with their challenges.  We bring a smile to everyone’s face as they realize how blessed they are.  Our clients are happier people and in turn they spread joy and happiness throughout their world.”
  4. Visualizing – On my vision board there are photos of our website being recognized by Google and my books listed on the New York Times Bestsellers list.  

Your Simple Step for today is to write your own “I Am” statement.  Repeat your new statement throughout the day and act ‘As IF’ what you are doing is happening right now.  As you practice this daily watch as the universe lines up to give you what you want.  And that feels fantastic! 

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