Feel the Power!

I fell in love with this photo!  To me it represents the power that we hold in our fingers to change the world, our world, the greater world, the world!

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not humbled by our friends.  We are nearing 7000 friends at the time that I am writing this.  I visualize a world where our collective group takes the power that we hold and expands our collective reach to bring more focus on positivity, love & happiness to the world.

We exist within this relatively safe place called the internet.  We can be as open or as protective as we feel we need to be.  Yet in that space we are able to reach out to a friend and show them our support & love.  We see that we are not alone…though we feel lonely.  We are able to receive comfort in our community that understands how we feel and what we need…because they need it too.

For today’s Simple Step I am asking you to use your power to bring more joy to those that you know…either personally or through your internet world. Reach out your hand to lift up another.  Extend your hand down to pull another up.  Reach up to thank that which you value most. 

Ask your friends to join us on our Facebook page!  Let’s expand our reach as in the Prayer of Jabez.  The world can use more love!  Giving & receiving that love feels good! 


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