The Voice Inside of Your Head

When life gets crazy there is this little voice in my head that seems to get drowned out.  That could be good if we are disagreeing on something…but oh wait…that voice is mine.  Why am I not listening to myself?

Life gets complicated… crazy and sometimes just out of control.  How many balls can one person juggle before we start to drop them?  Or worse…before we start lobbing them at someone who is bugging us?  Can you throw a ball at yourself and miss? 

I’m an advocate of being “still.”  That however has never been my way…nor is it an easy thing for me to do. (Just because a step is simple doesn’t mean that it is easy!)  Being still however gives you a break from the whirlwind that is your life.  It is in these few moments the little voice quiets down too and you can have a “Conversation with You.” 

If you have downloaded my free e-book then you know that Simple Step #2 walks you through how to have that conversation.  I won’t go through it here.  What I would like to share are some ideas on how to make the most of the discussion you and your little voice have.  Let’s call these Simple Tips:

  • Go with your gut.  (AKA the little voice.)  If you are trying to make a big decision then clearing the chatter around you and honing in on your own voice is a necessity.  Make sure that you are perfectly clear about the question that you want to resolve.  If it isn’t clear to you then I can guarantee that you won’t receive a clear answer.
  • When you ask yourself a question and the answer pops into your head, write it down.  Don’t analyze it, don’t start arguing with yourself.  Take the answer at face value.  Your instincts never steer you wrong.
  • If this process is so foreign to you that you are skeptical then start with a small decision.  Do what your gut tells you and see how it turns out.  The more that you do this the more you trust yourself.  And who better to trust?!?

In the end the answers to all of your questions reside within you.  You just have to be still to hear yourself.  When you finally do…you will never want to rely on anyone else to make a decision for you… And that feels good! 

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