Simplify & Purge

How much is enough?  Are you sitting in a home with more “stuff” than you need?  If you had to move in 30 days would you take it all with you? 

We go through our lives and accrue stuff for a variety of reasons.  Having a home & a car along with the household furnishings that we need may be important to you.  I remember a time when it mattered to me what type of dishwasher I owned.  As I was climbing the corporate ladder each new rung came with a new toy that I said that “I deserved.” 

In the end I had a houseful of stuff….most of which either I hardly used or it was so over the top that it elicited “oohs and aahhs” when people came into my home  None of it however made me happy.

Jack & I are preparing to downsize & move back home in the next year.  I have furnishings for 2 homes (ours and my Mom’s), small appliances that I maybe used once or twice and in my case a closet filled with fabric and yarn.  (None of which I will use again!)

It is time to simplify my life and purge out anything that won’t make the trip to Oregon.  I figure that if I start now the task won’t be as onerous when we put the house on the market. (Clutter doesn’t help to sell a house!)

How about you?  Are you ready to clean house?  It is said that you have to get rid of stuff to allow new stuff to enter into your life.  Is there something that you really want that you’ll have room for if you purge what you don’t need? (Ok i am assuming here that what you want now isn’t just another toy that you never use. :))

Try these Simple Steps when you are ready to simplify your life:

  • Start with your easiest closet, the smallest type of stuff or just that thing that you never use.  Pack up anything that you haven’t used in the last year and take it to a shelter. 
  • If you get a hankering to purge in mass collect all the stuff you want to clear out and have a garage sale.  Price everything ahead of time so you are not guessing at the last minute.  Be willing to negotiate.  Besides clearing out large quantifies of stuff you might just make enough money to buy your next heart’s desire.
  • With collector’s items take them to a trade show/exchange or sell them on E-bay. 

Clearing out the clutter in your home is cathartic!  Use it as a symbolic gesture for cleaning out your mind.  When that load is lightened it sure feels better!  Enjoy!

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