Do You Like What Is Happening?

Jack & I were talking today about the amazing rise in our friends base these last few days when something occurred to us at the same moment. We are not in a hurry to “make” things happen with Simple Steps…Real Change.  Instead we are moving forward, following a detailed plan, and not allowing ourselves to be sidetracked.  And then the next light bulb turned on…  This feels right! 

We’ve tried other ventures before.  Our prior attempts though were more knee jerk reactions developed out of fear that if we didn’t do something immediately we’d miss the boat.  From trying to manage income rental homes to investing in the stock market (with what little funds that we had) to other websites.  We were convinced, often by a “guru”, that we had to “act now” or miss out.  We just didn’t want life to pass us by.  In the end that is exactly what did happen because we made decisions based on a lack of credible information.  We made those choices and have lived with the consequences.

I like being in control of my destiny.  The decisions are mine to make and I will never again delegate anything to do with my livelihood to anyone.    If I need an expert (and I will) I know that I won’t allow myself to be pressured or bamboozled to do something that doesn’t feel right.  I’m trusting my instincts…not some “guru.” 

What about you?  Do you feel like you are in control of your life?  Is there anyone who you are allowing to write your life’s play-book?  Do you like what is happening in your life? 

If you aren’t sure then consider these Simple Steps to assess where you are:

  • For the next week keep track of any decisions that you make or are made for you.  Write down the decision along with the name of the person who made it. (That includes you!)  These should be as simple as what you are going to eat for dinner or as complex as where you are going to live. 
  • At the end of the week group the decisions together by significance.  (Major, minor, insignificant). Anything that was insignificant to you doesn’t matter.  Cross those off.  After all you don’t have to make every decision if you don’t care about it!
  • Consider the major issues.  Are you happy with the decisions? Are there other people involved who contributed to the decision? If there were do you feel that you had an equal say?  If you don’t feel comfortable with the decisions revisit them.  No decision is ever final!  Take your time…it’s your life!
  • When you consider the minor decisions the key is to be aware of whether you are always on one side of the spectrum or the other.  (Always making the call or never making the call.)   If you find yourself at either extreme it may be time to consider how that is working for you.

When you decide to take 100% responsibility for your life you’ll make decisions which support your happiness.  And that feels great!


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