Don’t Give Up

I have a dream.  My dream is that one day network news will report more of the good things that happen in the world than the bad.  When that happens we’ll see a shift from a strung out miserable world (according to the press) and see smiling faces talking about how they have eradicated hunger & homelessness in America.

Almost 2 years ago I started a website called “Calla Lilly Press.” The idea was that we would present positive stories, news, photographs & videos.  I was new at blogging and clueless on how to set up a website…but I figured it out.  What I never did figure out though was how to build an audience. 

Then last year I closed down Calla Lilly Press and opened up Simple Steps…Real Change.  As I write this we are closing in on 3500 friends all focusing on the positive aspects of life.  1,500 of those 3,500 have come on board since last Thursday afternoon.  The momentum is building! 

I have every one of those 3,500 friends to thank!  And we have only just begun.  I am on a mission to grow our Facebook page.  Why?  Because when our numbers reach the point of critical mass network news will take notice.  When together we reinforce what positivity means and share it out to even more people we will change the face of network news!

What about you?  Do you have a dream that you have sitting on the shelf waiting to be dusted off and made real?  Did you put it there because someone didn’t react the way that you hoped?  It’s time to pull it down off the shelf, dust off the cobwebs and start anew.  Try these Simple Steps to relaunch your dream:

  • Determine if this is truly your passion.  You will know if when you talk about it you start to tingle and your excitement grows just thinking about it.  If you don’t experience that then this might not be your dream.  If you do then start planning your future.
  • Decide if there is someone’s support that you need or want.  Spouse, parents, friends, even children.  Talk to them.  Tell them why this is important for you and what you need from them.  Whether it is encouragement or to actually help you ask if they are willing to do so.  If they aren’t then accept that it is ok if they don’t.  This is your dream.  Whatever you do though do not allow them to keep you from yours.  If they are willing then start planning!
  • Outline all the steps that you need to accomplish. Prioritize and create a time line.  Determine what resources that you need including people & finances. 
  • Take Action!  Do this immediately.  Whether it is researching something or calling for pricing on your book take action.

Once you do you’ll have taken that first Simple Step towards your goal. When you realize that you are finally moving forward there is no stopping you… and that feels good! 

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