The Future at Simple Steps… Real Change

This past week has been so inspiring for Jack & I.  I started this concept based on the belief that there were others who believed as I do that when you focus on the positive aspects of life you experience more of them.  The mercurial rise of friends on our Facebook page is affirming, humbling & motivating all at once! 

We spent this weekend brainstorming the future of Simple Steps… Real Change.  We have several ideas that we are developing including the “Good Happens” products.  Here is a sneak peek at what is on our drawing board:

  • “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book” –  I am going into the studio to record this as an audiobook which will be a free download just as the e-book is.  Hard copy CDs of the audio book along with a soft back book both with bonus material will be available for a nominal cost plus shipping.  Look for these in late August. 
  • “The Simple Steps Journey” (working title) –  This next book blends some of the original Simple Steps from my first book and adds a few more, 12 in all.  Each Simple Step is combined with inspirational quotes and journal pages for you to write about your experience and lessons learned as you take the step toward happiness. Watch for this to be available in time for the holidays! 
  • Simple Steps… Real Change Webinars – These will launch just after “The Simple Steps Journey” is published.  You’ll have the option of participating live or receiving the recorded session.  No times or dates have been determined.  Our plan is to present one section from the “The Simple Steps Journey” each month.  Attend them all or just the ones you need.  There will be a cost associated with the webinars. 
  • “Good Happens” – For those of you who are new to our site we are on a mission to replace the negative version of this phrase (s— happens) with Good Happens!  Jack is busy working with vendors on various products with the  “Good Happens…Spread the word!” logo.   These will be able to purchase through our website.  If there is anything that you would like to see from us by all means let me know! 

A portion of the profits from the sales or our products and webinars will be donated to four charities, one each supporting military families, blind & sight impaired programs, homelessness and animal welfare.  The names of these charities will be published at a later date.

Subscribers to our website will receive early notice of an upcoming product release or webinar and receive a subscriber only discount. There is no charge to subscribe to our website.  To subscribe, CLICK HERE.  We will not share your personal information nor will we contact you except to let you know about the new product/webinar and discount. 

Jack & I are very excited and are thrilled that you have chosen to be part of this journey!

We have one request…spread the word that “Good Happens!”  Share our website & Facebook page…let’s show the world that focusing of all that is good is the empowering way to go! 

Thank you!


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