Ideas to Simplify

Our days can be so complicated between family, work, raising children, taking care of parents & grandchildren & so many other responsibilities.  Finding ways to simply our lives reduces some of the stress and gives us time to take care of us.

“When the solution is simple, God is answering.” Albert Einstein

Here are a few Simple Steps to streamline your life and give you the needed breathing room:

  • “Don’t go to bed on Friday night with any chores left to do…then…simply get up and enjoy your weekend! ” – Dayle V.
  • Start your day with your most important task.  If nothing else gets done add the leftovers to tomorrow’s list.  Repeat.  You’ll be amazed at how many things never rise to the top.
  • Learn to say “No” to anything that you don’t want to do.  Do the same for anything that you are asked to do that conflicts with what is important to you.  You have to come first.
  • Do one thing at a time and finish it if at all possible.  Loose ends tend to go untied.
  • Plan your time. Whether you do so by the day or week is up to you.  When you organize you tend to keep your priorities in front of you.  Make sure that you plan personal time into every day. 
  • Turn off your cell phone before dinner every night.  Enjoy your family.  If anyone wants to reach you they can call your home phone or wait until you call them back tomorrow.
  • Simplify your meals during the week.  Grill your favorite protein & veggies or add a salad.  Clean up is a whiz.  Save more complicated meals for the weekend when your family or friends can help.  Make extra servings & save them for another meal.
  • Automate your bill payments. 
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Establish routines or rituals that you do everyday.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” – Henry Ford

  • Donate clothes and household articles that you don’t need anymore.  Clean out those closets!
  • Have routine maintenance done on your car & home to prevent unexpected expenses & time consuming events.
  • If you are a goal setter limit your goals to 1-2 at a time.  Put everything else on your “bucket list.” When you finish up the initial goals move another goal up to 1st place.
  • If you are rushing out for work every morning…do these things the night before:  lay out your clothes, pack lunches and put your books or briefcase by the door or in your car.
  • Clean out your car! 
  • If you are always misplacing small items such as keys or glasses set up a single place in your home where they go.  If you can’t do that then at least state out loud when you put them down, “I am putting my keys on the entry table.”  Actually saying the words helps you remember.
  • Share tasks with a neighbor or a friend. (Spouse or child too). That way you are all doing what you are good at.
  • Don’t buy anything new unless you give up, sell or donate 1-2 items of equal merit.
  • Cut your hair really short or grow it long.  Either way it will be easier care.
  • Down size your living space.  Do you need all that space now that the children are gone? 

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”- Hans Hofmann

Simplifying your life should also be simple! These are just a few ideas.  Please post yours in the comment section and share the simple wealth with us!


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