As we come through the trials & tribulations in life it’s easy to find our energy stores depleted.  My life has made a 180 turn these last few years and in some instances it’s just been upside down.  Throughout it all though I’ve believed that these events have just been part of my journey.  I’m moving forward….however have you ever had one of those times where you know what you want to do but your body isn’t cooperating? The word “sluggish” comes to mind.

When your physical energy is running on fumes it can be a struggle to take the first Simple Step to your “New Reality” (aka your dreams).  When you can’t move forward because you just don’t have the get up and go try one of these Simple Steps to prime the pump:

  • Give yourself some downtime.  Set a date in the future for you to take your first step.  It should be at least a day…hopefully no more than a week. If you wait too long when there isn’t a reason then you may be procrastinating.  (In which case your heart really isn’t in what you think that you want to do or your old paradigms are getting in your way.  That’s a subject for a future blog.)
  • During your downtime make sure that you are physically able to take your first step.  Are you healthy?  If you have a cold or flu let it run it’s course before you move forward.  This is the time for you.  If you have other health issues that you are avoiding address them now!  You may find out that what was ailing you is a simple fix. And if it isn’t remember that your health needs to come first!
  • Catch up with old friends and spend time focusing on just your family.  Let them know your plans (if they are supportive) or let them know that you are working on you and that you are taking time to work on what is important to you.
  • Meditate, practice yoga, walk or engage in any activity that gives you the opportunity to quietly reflect on you. 

When you take the time to heal yourself, mentally & physically, before you start out on the next leg of your journey, you give yourself the gift of being wholly present. And that is a fabulous way to kick off your new reality! 

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