The Simplest of Simple Steps

Those of you who know me or have been part of our Simple Steps… Real Change community know that I have an aversion to the complex.  I believe that the “Simpler” we make our lives the happier we are.  We don’t get lost in some detailed plan and lose our way.

As I post quotes up on our Facebook page I look for words that inspire simply…  Is it any wonder how “Simple Steps” came to be? 

We zoomed past the 2000 “friends” mark this week so I am sure that you share my philosophy is some way.  Even Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon in 1969 had it right,

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” 

So when we take our “Simple Step” we don’t have to leap across a great chasm that is our life.  We only have to take a baby step forward.

Any forward movement represents the potential for huge change (giant leap) in our lives.  There is a ripple effect with every adjustment in our lives that we make.  Think of it as a pebble hitting the water.

You are here because you want your life to be better…to be happier.  And all it takes is one Simple Step to start the ball rolling.

Today’s Simple Step is a baby one…try it…you will see an amazing difference in every encounter you have today.

Smile.  Yes… Smile!  Smile at your family…your friends, co-workers, neighbors and those you pass on the street.  Smile because when you do you give a gift that may make the difference in another person’s life. 

Smiling is contagious!  It’s uplifting!  It’s empowering.  Your smile makes your day and someone else’s.  

And doesn’t that feel good? 


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