Attracting Good – Realizing Dreams

As I was growing up my parents instilled in me that hard work would get me where I needed to get to in life.  I never was much of a dreamer.  I had to live in “reality.”   Even back in high school I had a guidance counselor who told me to just get married and have children since I didn’t really have any talent.  Throughout those “formidable” years all I knew was how to do what everyone else in my family did…tow the line. Sound familiar?

Once my 25 year career ended I was trying to figure out what my next steps were.  I studied with many experts who told me that I had to listen to my imagination & dreams if I was going to find my passion. Just a little detail…I never learned how to dream. 

I’m always looking for books & experts who may have the “secret” to tapping into my soul and accessing my right brain functions.  This past week I found such a book that may work for you too.

Laura Day writes about “Practical Intuition.”   There is a book with that title that I read years ago…it however didn’t quite click for me.  Her most recent book is “How to Rule the World From Your Couch.”  I’d like to read that next.  In doing my research it appeared that her book, “The Circle,” would be the best place for me to start. I have included all of her books on the Recommended Books page.  (If you purchase through my link I receive a small commission.) 

In “The Circle” Day provides a 9 step plan to move your wish into your reality.  What is different about this program is that her focus is on having us internalize every aspect of our wish so we feel it in our souls.  It starts with a Simple Step of writing a dream down.  From there it grows life as we build the detail around it, create stories or scenarios that help us visualize our life as if our dream is real now.  Most of this follows the keys to the Law of Attraction.

Day takes it to the next level through creating rituals (not habits) to imprint the feelings in our soul….which is the part that I am up to now.  I have followed her guidance so far and have had some amazing events take place in the last 24 hours. 

My dream is to realize financial abundance in my life through doing what I love.  For me what I love it helping others and Simple Steps… Real Change is my passion.  I wrote out the detail of what I want to develop.  Within a few minutes of doing so our Facebook community grew significantly.  Over night we are up by 80 more “friends!”  In the course of working on growing the site one of our friends expressed gratitude about one of our posts.  Her comments triggered an idea for a product line.  Look for more about this in the coming months.

As a result of all of those things happening I was up most of the night working on what Simple Steps  would look like, how we can use it to serve our communities, and inspire others.  Any product sold by us would include a significant portion donated to charity.  What was a Simple Step post yesterday is now materializing into a movement that I am so excited about I can’t sleep!  I can’t begin to tell you how good that feels!  (Ok not the lack of sleep part 🙂 )

Next up I’m going to be establishing my ritual.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  In the meantime if you are ready to get excited about your future take a look at “The Circle.”  It may just be the doorway to realizing your dreams! 



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