Action = Strength

In the space between life being hard and life being easy is this solid ground in which to build from.  If you haven’t made your way there let’s start cutting a path through the weeds and overgrowth and find our new “home.”

What is hard?  These days hard is not having a job, wondering how to make ends meet, raising children to deal with the new world, being part of the “sandwich generation” providing for parents & children at the same time, facing serious illness & death, dealing with the loss of a loved one, realizing that anything that you put the last decades of your life into (marriage, job, relationship, business) has failed.  You could probably name a dozen more. 

What is easy?  Doing nothing, waiting for the right opportunity to be dropped on your doorstep, quitting, accepting “what is” because it “is,” letting anyone else take responsibility for what happens today (or tomorrow), blaming someone or something else for what “is.”  You get the idea right?  It is easy to do nothing, point a finger or disengage from life.  And when you do all that it’s even better because anything that doesn’t work isn’t your fault. 

What is solid ground? Learning, having choices & making decisions, identifying your dreams & goals, writing your dreams & goals down, determining what you need to do in order to accomplish your dreams & goals.  Once you have most of these in place you are ready to start building your new life.

All of the preparation in the world however means nothing until you take your first Simple Step.  The step that you take is up to you and is based on your dream and goal. 

That first Simple Step is something that you are 100% responsible for.  It’s like jumping out of an airplane the first step may cause you to pause…but once you are out of the plane there is no turning back.  And the “rush” from moving is like none other!  Your first step propels you into your dream and you OWN IT because you took action!  And that feels fabulous! 

“The undertaking of a new action brings new strength.” – Richard L. Evans

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