Ready to Be Financially Secure?

For my birthday Jack gave me a book by Richard Paul Evans titled, “The Walk.”  It’s a wonderfully little book about surviving tragic and egregious losses.  It is about starting all over again and it’s about hope.  I love this book!

As I started looking for other books by this author I came across this one, “The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth” or “The 5 Lessons” for short.  Since financial issues often come up in our Facebook Community and I am not the best at this stuff, I bought the book. 

I found it rather odd that an inspirational fiction writer would venture into this type of non-fiction but as I started to read it made sense.  Evans states. “If the intent of my efforts is to leave the world a better place, then at no time in history has the message of this book been more relevant or needed.”  I couldn’t agree with him more.  That is exactly the same reason that I am bringing it to you!

Evan’s 5 lessons are “Simple Steps!”  They are:

  1. Decide to Be Wealthy – This is classic Law of Attraction.  Make the decision to focus on wealth not on a lack of money.  When your intent is to be wealthy your efforts support that intent. 
  2. Take Responsibiity For Your Money – Do you know exactly what money you have coming in and going out?  Do you track your spending?  In this lesson Evan’s makes the point that taking responsibility for your money is akin to raising your children…you would never delegate that responsibility to someone else and you shouldn’t with your money either.  He provides tracking worksheets to help you with this process and recommends that they be reviewed each month. Is it worth a few hours of your time to have peace of mind? Are you ready to feel secure? 
  3. Keep A Portion of Everything You Earn – You may have heard this one before as “Pay Yourself First.” Evans even suggests an unique way of accumulating this money. He suggests purchasing silver “rounds.” They cannot be spent as easily as you can spend money in a savings account so the urge to dip into your “savings” takes thought and effort.  Evans is quick to remind the reader that as your savings grow consultation with an investment expert is important.  Relying on well meaning friends & family for financial advice isn’t the way to go.  
  4. Win in the Margins – Whether it is creating multiple streams of income or saving on purchases Evans has creative ideas for both.  He’s even created a website of ideas and a marketing program to get you started.
  5. Give Back – Evans states, “Hoarding wealth will make your life small and cold.  Giving will warm and expand it.”  We know that the act of giving freely does as much for the you as it does for the recipient.  This is especially true when you give without expectation of receiving anything in return.

If you are ready to free yourself from financial stress and “decide to be wealthy” I encourage you to read this book and take Evan’s Simple Steps

The book is available on our website here. Purchasing this way helps me “win in the margins” since pays a commision for this referral and it costs you the same as if you went directly to Amazon. Of course the book is available through the library or at thrift stores…do what is best for you! 




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