Simple Steps Forward

I hope that every day you are seeing more and more light come into your life and you focus on what is important…your goals, your life and your happiness!  Yesterday we talked about planning for success.  Today we are going to dig a little deeper into planning.

In one of my former careers I was responsible for a department called “Planning & Control.”  In a Fortune 500 company while planning was a critical function oftentimes the “goals” that the senior leaders had in their heads weren’t realistic.  There is a big difference in stretching yourself in the growth process and burying yourself before you even start.  Where are you?

I believe in dreaming bold dreams…I however also believe that when we are trying to make a 180 degree turn in our life that there is no need to heap unnecessary stress onto ourselves.  It’s like the tortoise & the hare analogy…  crossing the finish line is the goal…those of us that make a consistent effort reach our goals long before those who’s efforts are irratic. 

Here is one of my goals as an example.  We want to move back to the Pacific Northwest.  I originally planned to achieve this goal by June 1, 2011.  While a year doesn’t sound unreasonable there are components that must be timed optimally.  They includes putting our home on the market & selling it (without losing all of our investment); saving sufficient funds to pay for the relocation costs (moving, deposits on a new home or condo, utilities, miscellaneous expenses of a new location), downsizing our stuff and finding the exact place (town, neighborhood) that we want to relocate to.  The latter requires a trip or two to explore options.  Additionally we are in the process of closing down a couple of businesses which takes many months to work through. 

So as I rethought my completion date I decided to move it back to 9/1/2012.  That gives me sufficient time to get my ducks in a row and not be stressing over the goal…and potentially abandoning it because it wasn’t realistic.  

While I have extended the date on my goal…I have kept every single one of the action steps which are necessary to achieve it.  My agreement with myself is that any decision that I make has to support one of my goals.  So if there is a way to achieve this goal sooner there is nothing in my way to keep me from doing so.  I am the tortioise…And that feels good to me. (Which by the way is a 180 degree change for me.)

Take another look at the goals that you wrote down yesterday.  (Did you write them down???)  Are your timelines realistic?  Give youself the opportunity to succeed! 

The only thing that matters is that you are happy.  You have already decided that your goals are what you want your life to be.  Set aside instant gratification… take a Simple Step forward.  


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