When You Give…You Get….

I hope that you are starting to see the light peeking down at you through your black hole.  We started by identifying what really was dragging you down.  Do you still remember?  Sometimes when you get a glimpse of light that inspires you it is easy to forget what brought you down in the first place.    

Did you give any thought…or even better… take action to help someone else today?  This act truly is one of the best life changers that you can undertake. 

Here is how this has helped me this week.

Jack & I are working through resolving issues with rental properties that we bought in Ohio during the housing boon.  They have been a financial nightmare since Day 1…and we are living with our mistakes.  This week was a particularly bad one on this front….and one that had me looking for my hole to crawl into. 

This however has been a week where my Mom’s needs came first.  She has very low vision.  Dad did everything for her and now that he is gone Mom wants to gain some independence.  We spent this week at the American Federation for the Blind working with the experts and opening up this whole new world for Mom.  I’ve talked to blind advocates and entrepreneurs and have been inspired by their resolve.  Tonight we learned about a movie vault that contains a couple thousand movies which have been specially narrated for people who can’t watch a regular movie.  My Mom is so excited to “watch” Gone With the Wind…that her joy made me realize what is important in life. 

The businesses…they will be gone soon enough.  They aren’t worth my worry, anger or time.  I have learned from my mistakes and I’m moving on.  My Mother’s happiness…well that is priceless!

Today’s Simple Steps provide additional ideas on how to focus your energy on helping others.  Remember that you don’t have to spend a dime…  You just need to give your time.  An hour a week can make a difference in your life and those that you touch by your kindness. 

  • Offer to mow your elderly neighbor’s lawn once a week.  (And a little exercise is always good!)
  • If you like to cook or bake prepare a meal for a friend who has just had a baby or that you know is being challenged.  (You’re making your dinner anyhow…now you have meals for more!)
  • Pick one person a week that you have lost touch with and call them.  (You may be a lifeline that they need…and they are one for you.)
  • If you have young children or grandchildren take them to visit a nursing home.  Little children always brings smiles to elders.  (And leave it to a child to find ways to do more for them!)

Giving of yourself raises you up along with those who’s lives you touch.  When you give and expect nothing in return you reach a point where any problems that you may have no longer carry the weight that they once did.  And when your load is lighter…so is your spirit!

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