I am not sure where time flies to.  From the moment I crawl out of bed until I’m back in again it seems like there is a black hole that I have to seriously think about what I did. 

We can’t get the time we’ve spent back again.  Once it’s past…it’s gone forever. 

Today one of our friends said that she wasn’t sure where her 36 years had gone to…and she didn’t feel like she had accomplished much in her years.   That struck me between the eyes…because I feel the same about my first 55 years too.  If I only knew at 36 what I know now…life would be very different than it is now.  But I can’t turn back the clock…all I can do is more forward.

Each moment we have the opportunity to change our lives.  Are you going to wait until you feel that you are running out of time to live the life that you dream of? Or are you going to stand up right now and move in the direction of your dreams? 

It would be easy to live with my regrets and say that it is “too late” for me.  In my parent’s day retirement came at 65…now there is no firm retirement date.  At 55…with a life expectancy of 95 (family history)…I have 40 more years of my life to live.  If that time passes faster than the first 55 years…I need to stand up right now and live my dreams…and quit dreaming about them.

What about you?  Whether you are 20 or 70…it is your choice to live a happy life.  It is your choice to realize your dreams.  Don’t wait for tomorrow…or for some event to happen to start living.  The only time we have is right now.

The Simple Steps for today are:

  • Determine what is important to you….what your dream is.   
  • List out the top 5 actions that you need to take to in order to realize your dream.   Prioritize them.
  • Take the first item on your list and put the steps in motion to accomplish it. 

Remember that nothing has to be set in stone.  As you move forward towards your dream you may need to adapt or alter your course.  That is OK!  It is in the forward motion that you evolve both yourself and your dream. 

The key is to use the precious time that you have to live the life of your dreams.  Start now! 

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