Let’s Go After Our Dreams!

Good Morning Friends,

Jack & I are going out this morning to stain about an acre of split rail fence.  We’d power washed it before Dad died…and it has been sitting their looking worn and tattered for the last few weeks.

I think that describes me for the same period of time.  I’d been on a real high getting ready to go back to college and excited about where I was going with my life.  Dad dying threw me into a tailspin and I’ve been just letting myself work through the grieving process.  As Abraham-Hicks would say, “you never get it done.”  I realized when I read their quote today that I have been waiting to move through my grief.  The longer that I stay I that mode the further away from my dreams I stray.

We’ve been talking this week about moving out of our pain and into our dreams.  I know that you are ready…and so am I! 

“You must go after your wish. As soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.” – Barbara Sher

If you haven’t done so already let’s make today the day that you write your dreams down on paper.  Doing so gives them form and clarity.  Provide as much detail as you have today…tomorrow you may add more.  Every day add more to your dream until when you read through, from beginning to end, you can feel your dream in your soul. 

When you reach the point of feeling your dreams…your dreams move into form.  It is then that you are able to make decisions that support your dreams. 

For all I am sending positive thoughts & energy that support your dreams!  Choose to be happy! 

Love, Cheryl  

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