As many of you know I have just come through a shock in my life.  My Dad passed away suddenly on May 1st.  He was relatively healthy, fell,  hit his head, and died that same day.  It was an accident pure & simple…we couldn’t have prevented it and we sure couldn’t have predicted it. 

My post today isn’t about my Dad…though I could say that he is responsible for it.   My post is about how precious every moment of life is and that we need to celebrate it as we live it…and not wait for some special occassion or heaven forbid, a tragedy, occurs.

My niece, Alyssia, grabs onto life and enjoys the ride of her life. 

Her passion for living in the moment inspires me. We spent many hours the night before she flew home to Australia talking about the uncertainty of life and how waiting for life to occur is a waste of a good life.  When I find at times that I am hesitating or hanging back it is Alyssia’s words that help me remember that moving forward, fearlessly, in the direction of my dream is my right.  And that believing in

myself trumps any other thoughts that might be running through my head.

So what about you?  What is holding you back?  Are you waiting for the right partner to come along?  Hanging back until you have the job and salary of your dreams?

  Who is to say that like my Dad this day might be your last on earth?  Would you have “siezed the day?” 

If you find yourself on hold…waiting for some event to occur…before you live your life to the fullest…try these Simple Steps to move from a state of merely existing…to living every day of your life:

  • Call a friend or family member that you haven’t talked to in awhile.  Forgive them if you need to (for you not them) and take the first step towards rebuilding your relationship.
  • If you aren’t in your preferred job or position decide on some part of your responsibilities that you can focus on.  Approach that task or work with enthusiasm…even if you have to act “as if” it is the most enjoyable thing that you have to do. 
  • Plan time every day to focus on yourself.  Whether it is to improve your knowledge (in preparation for a better position); improve your self image (eating better, exercise); or to improve your life (showing gratitude, helping others)…when you set the time aside to enrich your soul… both you and everyone that encounters you are enriched.

Life is too short and we owe to ourselves to experience all of the blessings that are in front of our eyes.  Choose happiness, choose to live, choose to thrive!

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