This last section of “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book” focuses on taking your life to the next level by keeping your dreams in front of you at all time.  

Manifest the Life You Want

Runners run the race in their heads before they take a single step.  If you watched the Winter Olympics you witnessed the skiers visualizing their run as they stood beside the starting gate.   Speakers run through their presentations and feel the audience’s energy and applause.

In order to live the life of your dreams you need to see your life and experience your success right now.  The Law of Attraction states “that which is likened to itself is drawn.”  As you focus your thoughts on seeing, feeling, even tasting your dreams and reinforce those efforts regularly, your dreams turn into your reality.  In the prior chapters we focused on Simple Steps to enhance the foundational beliefs.  In this chapter we’re going to provide you with three Simple Steps that tie it all together.  You’ve heard the phrase, “Seeing is believing.”   These tools enhance your ability to do just that.  When you see…you believe…and once you believe… 

On the following pages you’ll learn about the Simple Steps of Visualization, Vision Boards and Video Vision Boards.

Simple Step #9   Visualization

This Simple Step requires nothing more than for you to picture in your mind exactly what you want. 

By focusing on a piece of your dream for as little as 17 seconds you begin to draw it into your life.  Increase your focus time to 68 seconds and you accelerate the process.  This takes some practice but is neither difficult nor time consuming.  Here’s how:

1)    Sit in a place where you will not be disturbed.  All you need is a couple minutes of free time.

2)    See yourself enjoying what you want, right now.  Drop the “want” out of the picture and see yourself in possession of what you desire.  Hold it, taste it, enjoy it.  Act “as if” it was already part of your life.  For example if you want to be in better physical shape picture yourself in that shape.  Feel the tightness of your muscles.  See yourself in a mirror wearing shorts in your new size. Turn around to admire your toned legs. Picture yourself in a bikini walking along the beach.  See people turn to watch you go by, admiring your body, appreciating your beauty.

3)    If at any time your thoughts wonder, acknowledge the thought, release it, and then return to your visualization.  Remember that there are 60,000 thoughts going through your mind every day.  Keeping your focus will take practice.

4)    Several times a day when you have even a few seconds repeat the visualization process. Continue this Simple Step and watch your dreams move into place.

The more you see yourself living your dream the more that you make decisions and take actions that bring you closer to your dreams. 

Simple Step # 10   Vision Boards

Vision Boards are physical impressions of what you want your life to be.  They reflect the images, affirmations and quotes that speak to you, personally.

Think of a Vision Board as a giant poster depicting the life of your dreams.  

On your Vision Board:

1)    Post pictures that represent your goals and dreams. The pictures you use can be gathered from any source available as long as the subject moves you.  For example if your dream is to start a singing career select photos of your favorite singing artist, of a microphone up on a stage or of a costume you would wear.

2)    Add affirmations and quotes.  These are the words and phrases that are important to you.  Using the singing career example you may print out the phrases, “I sing like a true diva.”  Or “I love to perform.”   If your goal is to be a runner you might add, “Run like the wind.” Or “I love running!”  Perhaps there are great quotes from role models that have achieved your desired dream. Print them out and post them on your Vision Board.

3)    Choose an actual board to mount your photos and words on that is appealing to you. These can be as simple as cork board or poster board.  For something more elaborate paint an actual bulletin board or cover it with fabric.  Whatever you choose must be visually appealing to you.

 Vision Boards are great to post in your office or anywhere that you see it often.  Take a few moments every day to look at what you have gathered.  What you focus on is what you experience.  Start experiencing your dreams and goals faster by using this Simple Step.

Simple Step #11   Video Vision Boards

If you enjoy technology and would like to take your visualization efforts and amp them up then this Simple Step is for you. 

Video Vision Boards or Mind Movies are impressions of what you want your life to be.  They reflect the images, affirmations & sounds that speak to you, personally.

Generally lasting 3-5 minutes you can watch them anytime you have a spare few minutes. Because they are videos you can play them on your IPhone, Laptop or almost any video device.  As with visualization the more you watch your Video Vision Board the faster you realize your dreams. 

1)    For your Video Vision Board your select pictures that represent your goals and dreams.  Photos can be personal or ones that you have found on the internet.  For example if your dream is to visit every country in Europe then select photos of landmarks or cities that represent them.

2)    Add affirmations.  These are the words and phrases that are important to you.  Using the travel example you may say, “I travel in Europe often.”  Or “I enjoy exploring new cities in Europe.”   If your goal is to be physically fit you might say, “My body is strong, toned and fit.”   It is important that you phrase your affirmations in the present tense and act “as if” you are already in possession of your dream.  This affirmation may be spoken by you or someone else or appear as words on the screen.

3)    Finally add music or sounds to your Video Vision Board.  You may select a favorite song that energizes you or sounds that are soothing.  These are all personal choices.  

Watch your Video Vision Board every morning when you first get up and before you go to bed at night.   These few minutes of video reinforce what you are attracting into your life.

Search for “Mind Movies” on the Internet for more information on how to create your own Video Vision Board.

Keep your dreams in front of you and reach for your stars!

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