It is all about perception…your perception.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.   If you feel rich you are.  If you feel poor, you are. 

Consider the person who is never happy in their marriage.  They focus on what the spouse doesn’t provide.  As long as the focus is on what they feel are the bad aspects about their marriage that is all that they experience.  Even if your spouse walks on water when your only focus is on getting wet there is no joy in the marriage.

Changing your focus is easy once you’re aware of your thoughts.  The Simple Step here provides ways to both become truly aware of your thoughts and how to change them.

Simple Step #8   Focus On the Positive

1)    Make a list of what is important to you…your goals & dreams.

2)    Beside each entry write down what first comes to your mind when you think of them.

3)    Decide if your initial thought is positive or negative.

4)    If it’s negative then re-write your thought into a positive statement.

Here is an example of how this works:

ü  Goal:  I want to own a larger home in a particular neighborhood, which has better services and schools.

  • Current Thought: :  “I really want to live there but I could never afford it.”   “I wish that I could afford to live there.”  
  • Notice that the focus is on the “lack” or inability to live where you want.

  • New Thought:  “My current home is appreciating nicely and we take good care of it. If the market continues to increase by just 1 % more every year then we’ll have enough equity to put down 30% on the home that we want and keep our payments close to what they are for our current home.”  

If you focus on the positive and keep your focus on the positive you’ll discovery that your dreams become your reality.

When you are passionate about your beliefs there is another side benefit.  You find yourself making decisions that enable you to attain your goal faster.  Now doesn’t that feel good!

Here is the worksheet for this Simple Step: