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Your Actions Determine Your Experience – From the book…

Hi Everyone,

It seemed appropriate to move forward and post another section of “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book.”  Today we’re going to start on the fourth Foundational Principle:

Your Actions Determine Your Experience

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “As you sow, so shall ye reap.  ” The Cambridge Dictionary goes on to define this to mean, “The way you behave in life will affect the treatment you will receive from others.”

These days it referred to as the Law of Attraction.  There are books written on how the Law of Attraction works and how to use it to get the life that you want.  The principle of the Law of Attraction simply means that “like attracts like.”  What you think about is what you draw into your life. 

There is however only one key point in the Law of Attraction, which, if embraced, results in the change that you seek. It is:

What You Focus On Is What You Experience

If you “focus” on good things such as being happy, good relationships or abundance, those are what you experience.  Notice the emphasis on ‘focus.”  This is not about a passing thought…those never come to pass.

If you are focused on the abundance in your life you have more of it. If however you are focused on the lack of abundance you experience more “lack.” 

They key question is:

What are you focusing on?

 Let’s assume that you want to have more money.   (Do you ever hear anyone say that they want less!?!) Do you dread paying your bills or balancing your checkbook for fear that you’ll come up short? It’s like you are waiting for the sky to fall.  This focus is on the lack or fear of not having enough money.  What you focus on is what you attract to you.  So if you have a fear of never having sufficient funds… you never have what you believe is enough money.

This has been the story of my life until I came to understand the Law of Attraction.  What I focused on was what I experienced.   Read more about my story.


Cheryl’s Story

Throughout my life I have worried about money.  It wouldn’t matter if I had $100 or $1000 sitting in the bank, I would worry regardless.   I’d fret that something would come up and we wouldn’t be able to afford to take care of it.  Every morning I’d download my bank accounts into Quicken and go online to check my credit card accounts.  Even at a time when we were doing well by all accounts I was still fretting.  Inevitably something would happen that reinforced my fears.  I’d forget to record a check or worse yet I’d pay a credit card bill twice (and you can never get that money back!)

When I was going through my lowest point after losing my job I began to read more and more about the Law of Attraction.  Throughout my life I’d focused on not having enough money and that is what I kept experiencing (in my perception that is.)

It was then that I decided to experiment with how I thought about money. I began to express gratitude for being able to pay my bills and save a little each month.  I would only look at my checking account on payday.  I set up all of my bills to pay automatically, on time.

This was a huge step for me…one that significantly reduced my stress level and amazingly those little issues stopped occurring.   I never missed a payment and my account was always properly funded.

When I started to see how being grateful for what I had resulted in having more I never went back to that obsessive place of negativity again.


If you focus on the joy of having an income and are grateful that each month you can pay your bills you are focusing on financial abundance.  You see your financial position as being acceptable.  To you it is a gift.

It is all about perception…your perception.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.   If you feel rich you are.  If you feel poor, you are. 

Consider the person who is never happy in their marriage.  They focus on what the spouse doesn’t provide.  As long as the focus is on what they feel are the bad aspects about their marriage that is all that they experience.  Even if your spouse walks on water when your only focus is on getting wet there is no joy in the marriage.

Changing your focus is easy once you’re aware of your thoughts. Simple Step #8 provides ways to both become truly aware of your thoughts and how to change them.  Look for more on this Simple Step tomorrow.

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