Simple Step #7   Question Your Thoughts

When you quit blaming others you give yourself the gift of freedom; the freedom to pursue your dreams, the freedom to give and receive love, the freedom from fear, worry and stress.  When you are in control you determine what a priority is.  You decide how to live your life.  Anywhere is paradise; it’s up to you!  Choose Happiness! 

If you have never believed that you create your own happiness then changing this belief is going to take some effort.  The good news is that none of the Simple Steps are hard.  They just require consistent application.  The fun part is testing them out. 

Simple Step #7 “Question Your Thoughts” helps you clear through the emotional aspect of your thoughts.

In this Simple Step you’re going to use a previous technique of questioning if your thoughts are accurate.

1)    State how you feel & why.

2)    Ask yourself if the “why” is accurate or just your perception.  Take each thought and play devil’s advocate with yourself. 

3)    If you are still feeling frustrated with a situation after you have gone through this Simple Step ask yourself one more question:  

  • Is there something else that has happened in your day that is bothering you and you are bringing those feelings into this situation?

Here is an example of how this Simple Step works:

ü  “My daughter has no respect for me or authority.”

  • Does your daughter normally call when she is running late? (Yes/no) 
  • Does she always run late (Yes/no)?
  •  Is this an isolated incident? (Yes/no)
  • Does she usually do what I ask her to? (Yes/no).

ü  “My daughter doesn’t listen to me.”

  • Is that the case usually? (Yes/no)
  • Were you clear about your expectations? (Yes/no).
  • Do you feel that she should have known your expectations even if you didn’t state them this time? (Yes/no).

When you take the time to question the negative thoughts that you have your perspective shifts.  When you choose to be happy you will find that the negative thoughts that you have been experiencing aren’t serving you.  Shift your focus to your positive thoughts and you embrace happiness! 

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