What You Seek is What You Find

This week I’m sharing with you the third Foundational Principle from “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book.” 

 What You Seek Is What You Find

If you believe that people are inherently good that is what you experience.  If you believe that everyone is out for themselves then that is what you encounter.   

So many people start and end their days listening to the news. It is easy to believe that it is a cruel world when your day is filled with stories of bad things happening to good people. You remember news stories and tune into similar incidents in your world.  You will find what you look for.

Anna & her mom Jeannine’s story is a good example of finding what you seek. Anna was raised in rural Kansas but dreamed of living and working in Atlanta.  Her Mom was terrified of big cities.  Read about their lives and how they experienced what they focused on.


 Anna* & Jeannine* Story

Jeannine & Joe grew up in rural Kansas, as did every generation of their family before them.   Anna was their youngest daughter.   At 17 she traveled with her high school class to a conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  From that moment on Anna dreamed of living in Atlanta and experiencing the excitement that the big city had to offer.   While she applied to colleges in Georgia her parents wanted her to stay in Kansas and convinced her to go to an in-state school.  She agreed though determined that when she finished college that she would look for work in Atlanta.

Anna graduated and landed her first job in downtown Atlanta.  Jeannine fretted about Anna moving to the city and believed that no good would come of it.  The crime, drugs and all those other problems that she heard about on the news scared her.  Jeannine had no qualms about sharing her worries with her daughter.

Anna however felt her mother was being overly protective and tried to assure her that Atlanta was a thriving city with cultural events, sports, restaurants and tons of opportunity that she wouldn’t have in her hometown.

Anna and her friend Carrie were going to share an apartment. Carrie had family in Atlanta so they wouldn’t be alone. 

Anna packed the car and headed out on her adventure. Her Mom warned her to be careful and stay on the main roads. Jeannine worried that she would get lost.  Anna did take a wrong exit and ended up in a town that was having a heritage festival.  She stopped and explored the festival and thoroughly enjoyed her detour.  When Jeannine learned of this she was angry with Anna for getting out of her car in a strange place. 

Anna & Carrie had a Bar-B-Q at their new apartment in order to get to know their neighbors.  The party got a little loud and the police showed up to quiet them down.  Anna laughed afterwards that she’d never had so much fun even though the party broke up quickly.  To Jeannine however this “run in with the law” was a sign that Anna was involved with a bad crowd.

Anna started dating a guy that she worked with and her mother cautioned her that she shouldn’t date co-workers.   When they broke up Jeannine felt vindicated.  Anna however made new friends through this guy and developed many close relationships as a result.

To Anna everything was an adventure and she enjoyed every minute of it.  To Jeannine everything was risky.  What they sought…they found.


If you were able to listen to a news station that only reported the good stories that had happened…you’d be looking for good things in the world around you.  And….You find them!   

“If you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change.” Do you see a duck or a rabbit?

 – Wayne Dyer

When our results are not good we tend to automatically assume that they will continue to be bad. Have enough bad experiences and you’ll always assume that there is a black cloud following you around.

If you are looking for or assuming the worst, refocusing on the positive aspects of life creates a startling change in your experience.

Looking for the good in others causes something amazing to happen.  You take the focus off of yourself and your problems and then the positive aspects of life multiply.

When you look for the good in others – you open your heart and experience joy in your life.  At the same time you start looking for ways to share the goodness with others.

Approaching any situation with a positive attitude sets you up to succeed. 

Focusing on the positive is a key to this belief and there are three Simples Steps to help you refocus your thoughts.  I’ll post those for you tomorrow.

Thanks for being here!

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