Yesterday you read about Simple Step #2 – Have a Conversation with Yourself.  Did you try it?  Or do you already trust your instincts above the words or opinions of everyone else?  Honestly?  

I was raised to listen to my “elders.”  After all they had been through life longer than I had so they must know more. 

This world is spinning faster and what my elders know is from a time period that didn’t have the internet, cell phones, pre-marital sex, “mean girls” or even choices in their careers.  How could they possibly know what the current generations deal with?

That is where “Have a Conversation with Yourself” comes into play. 

Abraham-Hicks refers to it as the “emotional guidance system.”  (And their book on the “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” is a good one!)  Other experts refer to it as your internal GPS.  Whatever you call it that little voice inside your head or the feeling in your gut is the one that YOU need to listen to.

Here is an example.  I have been contemplating a job with my old company.  They have not made an offer to me and in fact we were just in the initial interview process.  The job is everything that I know that I can do…and do well.  The money is good… The  manager that I would report to is a genuinely good person who knows her business better than anyone I have ever met.  So there are lots of good reasons to want to pursue this position.  My prior position was in the same department working in a very stressful environment and in many ways cutthroat.  But hey…I’d done it before. 

In the pit of my stomach though was a large knot.  When I sat quietly and asked the question as to whether I should pursue the position the words that came to me were, “You don’t want to go back into that environment.  You have come too far to go back.”   I’m listening to myself on this one. 

I have to laugh at myself here.  The last position, albeit temporary, that I accepted I knew that I shouldn’t take.  Red flags and warning bells went off in my head every day.  I took it because the money was good and it was a title that I had never achieved.  Two month’s later I felt like I had survived the worst work experience of my life.  I should have listened to myself!    So when I tell you that I am listening to myself now… I have learned the hard way.  We all have to go through those experiences to get to the point of trusting our instincts.

If you haven’t tried this Simple Step yet…test it out on your next decision.  Start small if you feel comfortable and build from there. 

Once you gain confidence in yourself you master this foundational principle of “Trust Your Instincts.”  And that…my friends feels really great! 

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