Putting It Out There

This weekend I had the opportunity to talk to Rosa.  Rosa & I met through our Simple Steps… Real Change “Friends” page on Facebook.   She had commented on one of my posts and to say that she was passionate in her response would be an understatement.  It was in that exchange that I had a “defining” moment.

I had a choice in my response to Rosa…I could do what I had always done before or I could take a 180 turn.

In my prior work my job was to do things that no one else wanted to do…and in reality the greater population didn’t want to see done.  I was respected for my “managerial courage” however in reality my approach was more along the lines of not caring what anyone else thought.  In my heart and soul that was not me.  I did the job because it paid the bills…and I needed the job.  In my near 25 years with my company my reputation grew…my soul suffered.

My defining moment was my response to Rosa… when I realized this was the opportunity for me to resurrect my soul and be the person that cares and is passionate about helping others.

My belief that the simple approach to living life works best has always been the core of this website and of the FB Friend page.  We all need support, encouragement and inspiration.  It was however in my telephone conversation with Rosa that I came to realize that it is time to take this belief and elevate it to where it belongs.   It’s time to live my passion!

Today I sat down and mapped out how I see Simple Steps… Real Change flourishing.  And that is what I want to share with you today.


My Vision is:

Create a Simple Steps… Real Change culture which supports & inspires by focusing on the positive aspects of life.

My Mission is to:

Model & teach positivity throughout all types of life’s experiences with passion, resounding commitment and unstoppable persistence.

Passion – Commitment – Persistence

My Goal is to:

Grow the Simple Steps… Real Change “Friends” base into the 6 figure mark.

My Request of you is to help me in this endeavor.  There are millions of people facing challenges every day.  Through our collective support and inspiration we can touch their lives.  We become their role models for positivity and resilience.  And throughout it all we share our joy and live the lives of our choice… We choose to be happy!

As I write this we are coming up on the 1000 friends mark.  I am grateful to have you all in my life!

Please help spread the word and together let’s make our positive mark on the world!

Thank you…for your ongoing support of Simple Steps… Real Change, of Jack & me and of each other.

With love for all,


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