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Foundation & Philosophy of Simple Steps… Real Change

As promised my Friends, here is the first section of the Simple Steps…Real Change book.  We will talk about it on our Facebook page and build upon the principles and philosophy as we go.   Every one of us experiences life differently.  I believe with all my heart and soul that at the core of each of us is the desire to be happy.  Simple Steps… Real Change is about helping you to “tweak” your perspective just enough to see the positive aspects of your experience.

If you have not read the Introduction to the book click here.  Simple Steps.. Real Change, the Book Introduction. Is that necessary…absolutely not.  It will however give you a feeling for how I have come to write this book.



Simple Steps… Real Change is based on five fundamental principles.  You will learn how to adopt or strengthen these principles in your life so that you can achieve your dreams.  The Principles are:

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • What You Seek You Find
  • Happiness is a Personal Choice
  • Your Actions Determine Your Experience

The “Simply Positive” Philosophy

I think that “simplicity” is one of the most beautiful words in the English language and the philosophy upon which this book was created.  The five fundamental principles of this book are based on simplicity and a method that intuitively makes sense.  Life is complicated enough these days.  So everything that we do here is, well, simple!

When you focus on the positive aspects of life you experience the good things that life has to offer.

Just a toddler begins with baby steps…each bolstering their confidence to do more…these Simple Steps boost yours… encouraging you to take another step forward on your journey to the life of your dreams.

Along your path you may encounter a few potholes.  While the path is simple it is up to you to be persistent.    If you have been living or believing a certain way for most of your life then it takes consistent effort to change those old habits.  When you see the challenges that you encounter as opportunities to learn from, you’ll take the lessons learned along the way and pave a smoother path to travel.

It’s time to live your dream!  Take my hand and we’ll take these Simple Steps together.


In subsequent entries I will post the chapter on each foundational principle.  If you have questions or would like to discuss your experience please join us on our Facebook Friends page here.

Thank you for being here!  Together we can change our world!


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