Create a Crack

Today was tax day for me…not doing them…picking them up from the accountant.  I’m in the process of closing down some real estate investments and it is just down right ugly.

I relay my own personal story in the Simple Steps… Real Change book…and it is one of fretting over anything financial.  It wouldn’t matter if it was good or not so good I would find a way to worry about it.

As I started learning more about the Law of Attraction I came to realize that I as living my self fulfilled fantasy.  Whatever I focused on is what came to pass.  When my focus was on financial concerns I had plenty of them.

So a day like today would have sent me to a dark corner…the one where I want to pull the covers up over my head and never come out.  But I’m not there.  Why?  Because I realize that what I am going through right now is a product of what I did in the past.  The past is over.  I choose to focus on what is good in my life.  And when I do then I am making the choice to be happy.

Taking the next logical step…when I’m happy and focused on good things…more good comes my way.  And I can guarantee you that feels better!

If you are repeatedly stressed out about something try these Simple Steps to add a little perspective:

  • Identify what has you stressed.  It isn’t enough to say that you are worried you need to name what is causing your stress. Say it out loud or write it down, whichever you prefer.
  • Since these are repeat worries identify what the worst is that has ever happened.
  • Now step back and realize that you have survived this before and even at it’s worst… you are still standing.  If you haven’t experienced what you would consider “the worst”   then recognize that as much as you have worried about that happening…it never has!

Regardless of what you are going through… if you look for the light you will find it. Even if the light is a sliver from a crack…cracks never close…they just get bigger. 

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