Choose Your Focus

There is a warm breeze coming in my windows as I sit here writing tonight.  The wind chimes outside are deep and resonate peacefully. The sun is setting in the west and that is the view that I have out my back windows.  Jack built a beautiful arbor that right now is covered with Wisteria blooms and the Bumble Bees are taking advantage of the flowers.  When I sit here I feel this sense of peace and serenity.

My life however is in somewhat of a turmoil.  If I counted up everything that is not optimal at the moment there would be a dark cloud outside these same windows.  I have learned to deal with whatever comes up as it does…and then I refocus my thoughts on this peaceful place which is my home. It is there that I am happy.

As I have talked and chatted with many of our Simple Steps friends we are all going through some challenge in our lives that we would prefer not to.  Whether it is financial, a relationship, family, work or health related (and in some cases all of them at once)… we all experience some type of stress along this journey that is life.  How we choose to deal with it determines whether we will come through it better than we were before.

It can take an astounding amount of faith to leap past life’s hurdles.  If yours is faltering try these Simple Steps to regain your footing:

  • Post this quote somewhere that you can see it every day and carry it with you. “I have faith and trust that the Universe has a perfect plan for me even if I just can’t grasp it right now.” It comes from Karen who lost her only son to a sudden illness this week.  I know that none of my challenges come near her loss.  If she can have faith surely I can too…and so can you!
  • Reach out to our Facebook Friends.  If you are feeling stressed and need support tell us what you are going through.  Let us be there for you!
  • Volunteer at a nursing home, hospital or animal shelter.  When you focus on others your perspective changes.  Even a few minutes of change is enough to give your mind a break….and that break may be just enough to enable you to see the lesson of your journey…not the roadblocks.

We are here, in this place, for a reason…  We are together.  Let’s use our voices to support each other,  to direct our focus on the good aspects of life and to spread joy!

2 thoughts on “Choose Your Focus

  1. Cheryl,thank you so very much for the positive encouraging words. I really needed to know that someone understands the life struggles I have been going through. Lately I just having been wondering” why am I even alive?” I have many health problems that that are painful and dibilitating and have a very poor quality of life. I had breast cancer at age 27 and uterine cancer at age 38. I am 64 yrs old now and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a year ago . IThat explains finally all the other undiagnosed medical problems I have had for the past 20yrs. It is hard for me to understand why these health problems have randomly happened to me. I will try harder to not let this make me feel so depressed and worthless. I do need to change my attitude now to accepting how things are andto make an effort to move forward. Thank you again for taking the time to post your thoughts.Carolyn

    1. Carolyn, I am sorry for all that you have experienced with your health. I know since my husband was diagnosed first with leukemia and then cancer I have wondered “why him.’ I think your experiences are so much the same. What is your life teaching others too? There is a school of thought that believes that we came here, in this life, to experience something we hadn’t previously understood. Perhaps you were a caregiver and want to experience what it meant to need care? I don’t know if it is true or not. For me though I believe I’m here to care for others and when I consider this possibility it helps me stay positive even through the suffering. I’m sending you so much love & healing energy Carolyn.

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