Fundamental Goodness

I believe that people show up to work to do the best that they can. No one sets out to fail…  When I start with that foundation my approach to situations that don’t go as expected is one of resolving issues not placing blame.  Finger pointing serves no purpose.  It creates distrust and hostility at a time when teamwork is critical.

In a recent interview I was asked to provide references for every position on my resume.  The company would interview those folks first to determine if I had lied on my application.  It was their believe that everyone lies on their resume and they only hire honest people.  The position that I interviewed for had been open for almost a year.  I wanted to ask them how that process was working for them….but I resisted.  Because I didn’t have references for two positionS back in the early 90’s (both my managers had died) this company couldn’t complete their process and chose not to interview me.  That worked out fine for me.  I can’t imagine working for a company that believes that people are inherently bad.

How about you?  When you witness an interaction with someone that you don’t know do you assume the worst?  Try these Simple Steps to shift your perspective to a more positive, supportive foundation:

  • Every morning as you start your day tell yourself that your primary intention is to look for the good aspects of life.
  • As your day proceeds actually look for opportunities to support  your belief.  For example if you are driving and someone is riding your bumper and trying to pass you, rather than call them every name in the book, bless them.  Imagine that they are late for their first day at a new job and move over to the right as far as you can to help them in their efforts.
  • If you are having a conversation with someone and they are being negative point out other perspectives that are positive.  For example if you have a friend that is worrying about her children driving home from school you might want to point out she was a good teacher as they have never had an accident.

When you look for good thing to happen they will.  It is in seeing the good in the world that your heart is opened and you experience joy in your life.

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