Focus on Your Abilities

On March 12, 2010 I was celebrating that we had crossed the 100 mark for Facebook Friends (aka Fans).  Tonight as I’m writing this we are blessed with 573 Friends!  Talk about being humbled and excited all at once!

(This banner actually updates as new Friends join us so you are seeing our grown just from the time I wrote this .)

When the concept of Simple Steps came to me it really was a progression of my life.  I’ve always been a “get to the point” person.  Whether it was a project or a meeting that I was responsible for my belief was the same… keep it on point and as straightforward as possible. (OK my old friends feel free to chime in with your comments here!)

While there are scientific and algebraic equations that are complicated life isn’t.  OK…the light bulb just went on here…I was really bad at science and math.   I guess my tendency towards simplicity started earlier than I thought!

Simple Steps… Real Change was born from a passionate belief that every person can make startling changes in their life with a simple change in perspective.  Here is a real life example…mine.

I have one sister, Karen, who is smarter than any one person should be.  That math & science stuff came effortlessly for her… she is a petrol physicist.  (I think that I have that right!)  She is slightly older than I am so I had many of the same teachers that she did…but of course after they experienced her natural abilities.  While my parents never compared us our teachers did.  I didn’t measure up in their eyes and I felt stupid.

Then one morning, many years later,  I woke up and realized that I had very different strengths than Karen.  They are however just as worthy as hers.  When I reached that “aha” moment I never felt stupid again.

Within every person is a natural talent.  All these years I was building my Simple Steps…but couldn’t see it because I was looking at what I didn’t have rather than what I did have.  When you focus on the negative you find it…and I did.  The small change in perception…focusing on the positive aspects of my abilities…changed my life.  It was at that point that I wasn’t competing anymore.  I wasn’t trying to defend or prove myself…I was just being my natural self.  The past fell away and the future presented itself.

And here I am about to release my first Simple Steps… Real Change book.  What a difference a small tweak in my perception of myself has made.  So the Simple Step for today is:

  • Pick a quality of yourself that you believe is a negative.
  • Look for the ability that you have naturally.
  • Focus on your ability.

Anytime that you feel yourself slipping back into that negative place repeat these Simple Steps.

Simple Steps are not “once and done” tools.  When you are changing a deep seated belief it takes consistent application and daily reinforcement to replace the old with the new.  In the end it’s worth it…because you are happier.  And life is all about being happy!

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