Reaching Out…

Sundays nights are a reflective time for me.  I am excited by the increase in our “friends” base on our Facebook page.  At the same time I wonder how to best reach out and touch more people. I believe in my heart that the it is the small things…actions, efforts, gestures…  that make the greatest impact on our lives.

Later this week I’m going to post up on our website the first Simple Steps… Real Change e-book.  This book came to life through my realization that my life had turned out just the way that I thought it would.  And what I thought wasn’t good.  It was when I came to understand how my thoughts molded my life that I also realized that I alone had the power to change my thoughts… thus changing my life.

I wrote this book because I believe that even the most complex issues can be resolved simply.  What it takes is a change in perspective that enables one to see challenges as lessons and roadblocks as building blocks.

The book is based on 5 foundational principles.  They are:

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Trust Yourself
  • What You Seek You Find
  • Happiness is a Personal Choice
  • Your Actions Determine Your Experience

Each principal has at least one Simple Step which provides a shift in perspective.  That shift, while simple, is the difference between dreaming and living the dream.

“Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book” is short, 85 pages.   If it was a hardbound book it would be a little one.  It’s all about getting to the point.

The first introductory chapter of “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book” can be downloaded from the link below.

Simple Steps.. Real Change, the Book Introduction

Also please check out our Facebook page and become a “Fan” (aka Friend) here.  Facebook Page

I am finalizing the e-book download this week.  Look for “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book”  to be available on our website on Friday April 2nd. The retail price is $14.99.

Thank you for being here… and for believing!


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