No Regrets

We make decisions based on the best possible information we have available at the time. Yet every day our lives change. The decision that we made at a point in time may not be appropriate now.

I am always amazed when someone regrets a decision that they made years ago.  Sure if we knew then what we know now we’d make a different decision…but we didn’t.

Are you regretting something that you can’t change?  Try these Simple Steps so that you can forgive yourself.. and let go:

  • Acknowledge specifically what you regret.
  • Write down what you knew then and why you made the decision.
  • Now destroy it.  Burn it, shred it, tear it to pieces.  As you do feel your regrets disintegrate with it.

When you learn to let go of regrets you are able to focus on all that you can do… And that is a much more productive and joyful place to be!

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