Finding Motivation

Today I did something that I’ve been promising myself that I would do…take care of me.  I laced up a new pair of walking shoes and walked out the front door.  We live in a neighborhood where the streets and wide & flat…it’s out in the country so there are no sidewalks but then there is really no traffic either.If there ever was a good place to walk it is here.

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The last couple of weeks I’ve been fighting a cold which showed up just as my job ended.  My energy level has been way down so when I combine not feeling good and not having a reason to be on a schedule I’ve been… well… lazy.  It seems like the longer I stay in that space the harder it is for me to get motivated.  This morning I came to the point where I realized that unless I did something to get me feeling better I’d be miserable.  Since I believe that misery is a choice I picked myself up by my walking shoe laces and chose to be happy instead.

Are you in a place where you need to dig deep for your motivation but aren’t up for a complicated plan?   It is always easier to do nothing that something…but is that how you want to live your life?  If it is then go for it!

If it isn’t then try these Simple Steps to get in gear:

  • If getting in shape is your goal:
    • Buy a new pair of walking shoes.  Try the new Skechers Shape Ups if you want to have some extra benefits to your walk.  (No I am not endorsing them…just looking for ways to multi-task.)
    • Park far away from your destination.  If you are at the grocery store find the farthest parking space.  Besides the walking on your way out you’ll be pushing a cart or carrying bags.
    • Put away the caffeine in the afternoon & switch to water.  I am not a fan of water…so I add a little sugar free lemonade to my glass.
  • If you goal is to save money:
    • Pay yourself first.  If you have a job with a 401K program increase your contribution by 1%.  You won’t actually have 1% less in your take home pay because of the tax benefits.
    • Cut down on your latte’s.  David Bach has promoted this saving’s idea for years.  If you spend $4.00 for a latte every day switch to a coffee that you can make at home and save the $28/week.
    • Decide what your favorite pastime activity is.  Preserve it and eliminate any others that you do but don’t necessarily need to do.  For example if you love to go to the movies but the dinner or drinks after the show just aren’t that important to you plan dinner ahead.  Go home.  Take the money that you would have spent on dinner and move it into a savings account.

    We all need a little extra motivation sometimes.  Please share yours in our comments section or on our Facebook page


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