You Control Your Actions and Reactions

In the last couple of days I feel like I have been kicked in the gut and have no idea why.  Events that happened around me seemed to have conspired to undermine the very heart of my passion…Simple Steps… Real Change.

There was a time in my past when I would have wondered what did I do to cause this situation.  During another phase of my life I would have asked what did I do to attract the negativity into my life.  The truth, my truth, is that I can’t control the actions of others.  All I can control are my own actions.  So as I am faced with this most recent challenge I have made the decision to let go of the negativity that rose up these last couple of days.  I am choosing to be happy.

Do you have a situation that you feel is out of control…at least out of your control?  Are you struggling with the emotions that go with it…  anger, frustration, helplessness, maybe even fear?  Are you able to sleep at night or are you fretting over what you can’t change?  If so try these Simple Steps to come to that place where you are content and happy again:

  • If the situation involves a loved one, forgive them.   When you do you free yourself.  They may not even know that they need to be forgiven because the anxiety is yours.
  • Bless the person who you believe has caused your stress.  They may be going through something that you have no knowledge of.   Because we cannot walk in an other’s shoe,  or even begin to appreciate what is going on in their life,  in blessing them or praying for them you ask the power that you believe in to help them.
  • If all else fails to bring you comfort then list out the impacts of the situation.  Include a range of outcomes from nothing is going to happen to the sky is going to fall in on you.  Now consider a few statistics.  Less than 7% of the time the worst case occurs.  Are you going to spend your energy & imagination worrying about something with a 7% success rate?  If you choose to do so then you are intentionally choosing to be miserable.

Choose to be happy.

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