Is Your Mirror Clean?

Today I decided to tackle a project that has been bugging me for months.  When I went to work I used the excuse that I’d get around to it on the weekends.  Weekends came and went and I was just too tired to deal with it.

Now that I don’t have that excuse I decided it was time… to clean the mirrors in my home.  Over the years we’ve collected some beautiful pieces and having them look so bad was, well, sad.   As I cleaned up my mirrors it occurred to me that I was seeing myself through clearer eyes at the same time.  

As the haze disappeared from my mirror I felt the cloud surrounding my life fade away too.  All of a sudden I could see myself as I am right now… not how I’ve always perceived myself to be.  I have defined myself in the past by my marriage, my work status, my work product and even my relationships with family & friends.  I have beaten myself up for things that I’ve done or haven’t done.

Today I see myself as the person that I choose to be.   I choose to be happy, optimistic, in love, persistant, determined, and passionate about my ability to create the life of my dreams. I can’t begin to tell you how much better these feelings are.  Tomorrow I think that I will wash my windows and let more light into my life too!

How about you?  Are you ready to let the haze in your life dissipate?  Perhaps one of these Simple Steps is cathartic for you:

  • Clean something.  Mirrors, windows, your refrigerator, a closet
  • Take a walk, alone.  Go somewhere that you can take in the beauty and enjoy the peacefulness
  • Meditate.  This could be as simple as sitting quietly where you won’t be disturbed and watching you perception of yourself evaporate in front on you.
  • Pet your cat.  Feel the vibration around you grow.

Once you clear up the clouds around you and see yourself for who you are you see a world is filled with possibilities.  And doesn’t that feel better!?!



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