Start Your Journey Out Right

Move from Dallas
Have you ever made it to the point in your life where you thought you had it all only to realize that it just didn’t seem to hold the same meaning as you thought that it would?   I remember thinking that I wanted the title, the office and the salary only to get there and wondered “what was I thinking?”

Move to the Pacific Our dreams and goals change over time…thank heavens!  When we moved into our current home I was thrilled to have a big yard, far away from town and plenty of room for guests to come and stay.  We rarely have overnight guests, it’s a 20 minute drive to town and yard upkeep is not my idea of fun… Our ideals change and the great thing about it is that no decision has to be permanent!

Where are  you in the life right now and where do you want to be?  Most people can answer those questions fairly easily.  The next question becomes how do I get there from here?  If you are like most people the first things that pop into your mind are those that preclude you from getting to where you want to go.

In my case I want to be back “home” in the Pacific Northwest.  My first thoughts however are about how bad the housing market it right now and if we put our house on the market will we even break even? When you start your new journey off with a negative thought you aren’t getting far.  So how do you change that first instinct of seeing the problems to realizing the opportunities?

Try these Simple Steps to start your journey off right:

  • Write down on a line where you are to where you want to be.
  • Next write down a list of “sights” that you want to experience along the way.
  • Consolidate Household items to favorite pieces.  Donate the rest.
  • Determine top spots to live in the PNW.  Focus choices.
  • Review current home for improvements to maximize sales value.
  • Develop sales strategy with realtor (timing/values/contingencies).  Implement.

Hopefully you have the idea that going from where you are to where you want to be is a journey.  Create a flexible plan for your journey.  That way if something doesn’t go quite the way that you had planned you haven’t lost your way…but rather you have the chance to experience a different side street.  You know that you are still moving towards your goal…you just get to have a little more fun than you had planned!

When you choose to see the positive…then your results will be…positive!  And isn’t that a much better place to start off from?

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