People In Our Lives

Thanks to Facebook I have managed to reconnect with friends that I knew back in High School.  Thanks to Facebook I’ve managed to connect with people that I went to school with or that worked at the same company as I did…some of which I never really knew.  This amazing website that is dubbed “Social Media” has created bridges in my life that I could never have conceived.

I am grateful for these new friends in my life and amazed at the sheer joy of being able to enjoy life vicariously through their experiences.  Money couldn’t buy these opportunities.

For most of my life I was happy when I had the latest laptop, the right car or the perfect handbag.  I think that having those things made me feel like I was successful.  My truth is that even with all of those things I wasn’t happy.

It is the people in my life that bring me joy.  Including:

Jack.  I am grateful that he is healthy and we are happily married.

My family.  While my parents live beside us the rest of the family is spread out all over the world.  I am grateful that we are in touch with each other regularly and know that there is love between us.

My old friends.  I have a few very close friends and even if we are separated by time or distance when we talk or get together it is as if we were together all along.

My new friends.  What greater joy is there then to become part of someone’s life and have them be part of yours.

Today’s Simple Step is the simplest yet:  Count the blessings of the people in your life and give thanks that their value to your life is…priceless!

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