Celebrate The People In Your Life

Alyssia & Bal

Today I am giving thanks for the people in my life. Without them I would not be the person that I am.  Whether it’s my family, friends or co-workers (some of which are my friends too)…I am more balanced, capable and resilient because they are in my life.

When you surround yourself with people who possess different strengths than you do then you become stronger.  Jack for instance is the calm to my storm.   His nickname is “No Problem Jack.” My friend Rosy guides me out of harm when I throw caution to the wind.  Another friend Donna is the epitome of grace.  My niece Alyssia & her husband Balt are my role models for entrepreneurial spirit.   My life is richer because of the people in it.

Who influences your life?  As you look at your friends & family what do they bring to your life that you need to give thanks for?  Do they make you laugh, help you stay on task, or keep you moving?  Is there someone who changed your life by living the way they have?

In today’s Simple Steps give thanks for the people that enrich your life:

  • As you encounter people today notice what they are bringing to your life.  Perhaps it’s their sense of humor or their analytical skills that cause you to look at a situation differently.  Give thanks for the experiences.
  • If today you encounter someone who models behavior that you never want to be…give thanks to them also.  By seeing what they are you know what you don’t want to be.
  • Call or visit someone that has made a difference in your life.  Thank them.

We are truly rich when we celebrate others.  Alone we are an island…together we are the world.



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