Every Journey Begins With a Single Step

When I dream about my future I see Jack & I living back in the Pacific Northwest.  

We live simply in a small home close to my parents and enjoy a the type of life living close the mountains and Puget Sound offers.   In that dream Jack & I are retired from our corporate positions and enjoy working for ourselves.  Our ventures sustain our lifestyle and we are happy.  We live close to our friends and are grateful every day to be “home.”

That is the scene in my mind that depicts my “ultimate” goal.  If however I focus on that picture I would be frustrated that we are not living that life right now.

Every journey begins with a first step…a Simple Step…if you will… that moves us closer to our worthy ideal.

In our case the first step involves re-establishing a relatively secure source of income. (Check)  The next is wiping clean the slate related to our real estate investments.  (Check)  Now we are working on steps that enable us to sell our home when the market improves…and laying the foundation for physically moving.  None of these last pieces involve a quick turnaround for us.  What they do however is provide us with a clear path.  We will proceed down that path…one step at a time.  Along our way we’ll keep glancing up at our “ultimate goal” because we never lose sight of it.  Our focus however is about the journey.

Being happy isn’t about attaining our “ultimate goal”…because when achieve it there is always the next step to maximizing our experience.  Happiness is about enjoying the journey while we are on it.  It’s about stopping to smell the roses in life along the way.

If you have your own “ultimate goal” then it is important to take these Simple Steps towards realizing it:

  • Clearly articulate what your “ultimate goal” is.  You may have more than one.  Pick the one that is the most important to you.
  • Next list out everything that needs to happen in order for you to achieve your goal.  Take the time to create an order, a road map, if you will.
  • Take the first step.  When you accomplish that first one check it off, celebrate it, and move forward.

Enjoy your life as you are living it…don’t wait for something to happen first.  Our life here is short…enjoy every day of your journey!

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