Journey Forward

There are parts of my life that I would like to re-write…or even better remove altogether.  If this was 30 years ago Jack & I would have moved to the PNW, put down roots and had a family.  In my dreams Shelly would have lived with us from Day One and we’d all be in different places right now. Every once in a while I will be consumed by an overwhelming sadness generated by what I missed in my life.

I can’t change my past and wishing I could only brings a sense of loss. When I start thinking along those lines I have to quickly refocus my thoughts or the sadness can turn into some worse.

Do you ever find yourself feeling bad because of what you did or didn’t do in your past?  Try this Simple Step… to step up to what is in front of you…

  • Sit quietly, preferably without distractions and allow yourself to see your life as you think that you wanted it to be.  Spend only a few minutes in this place.  When you are done picture in your imagination walking through a door, always from this life and closing it behind you.
  • When the door is closed tight behind you look up and in front of you.  See a series of doors with light beaming through them.  Pick one and walk towards it.

  • As you near the door that you have chosen bask in the warmth of the light.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel energy from the light consume you.  Walk through the door.
  • Open your eyes and give thanks.

When you take this Simple Step journey you’ll realize that what lies in front of you holds more joy than your regrets.

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